Jen Queen-
   Psychic Medium 

Jen Queen
     -Psychic Medium

What to expect from a reading –


Every medium, or tarot reader, is different – so your experience with each one will also be different.   As a medium, I am attuned to spirit and can deliver messages from those that have passed on.  That being said, I am very serious about this connection and consider it sacred work.  It helps people heal and it helps those on the other side stay connected.  

Tarot cards are a divination tool that can help the sitter (person coming for a reading) find out what is going on in a given situation.  Tarot cards are a way to tap into the energy of things that are happening in your life by what is already in motion.  You always have choices and it is never my job to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, choices are always yours to make.

When making an appointment please indicate which type of reading you would like, because they require different preparations.    Here are some things to keep in mind for your readings:



I have the highest expectations for every reading, but there are simply some spirits who are stronger than others or a sitter’s energy that I can connect with easily that will facilitate a strong spirit connection.  Spirits also communicate differently – some give me very visual information, some give me feelings and others are adept at verbal communication. Being as open to the experience as possible is giving you the best opportunity for a great experience and reunion with your loved ones. 

Please think of those you would like to hear from, certainly. However realize that none of us are in charge of who comes through except the spirits themselves.  Spirit has their own agenda when communicating with us and are always looking out for our best interests - to communicate with us in a way that will provide healing, closure or simply messages of love.   The reading is the attunement of three energies – yours (sitter’s), mine and those in spirit.  Additionally, not being entirely focused on hearing from one or two particular individuals is key to enhancing your experience.  He/she/they may, or may not, communicate at the time of the reading but there are still incredible messages given from others in spirit that deserve our attention.   We must realize they are still people, trying to connect with you.   The main objective for a medium reading is to give you evidence that you can clearly validate so that we know that I’m tuning into your loved one, then pass along the messages they give me and know they are coming from your family member or friend.  This is called ‘evidential mediumship.’  

  • I can do sessions in any way that lets me connect to your energy and that of the spirits connected to you - in person, by phone, skype or even by email!

  • Readings are from 30 minutes to one hour – please see ‘Rates & Services” tab.

  • Prior to a reading, a first name only is what I request and a phone number in case of changes or emergencies. 

  • You may prepare questions and ask them at any time during the session.

  • It’s best to stay calm and as relaxed as possible for communicating with loved ones on the other side.  It’s a very emotional,   yet healing - joyful - experience.

People who are more interested in knowing about relationships, or career, etc. – than communicating with those that have passed on - these kinds of issues are best suited for a tarot reading.  I am not a psychic reader (someone who gives psychic information without the use of any divination tool) so if that’s the type of reading you prefer, I would suggest you contact someone who specializes in that type of reading.

Many times, there are things that may not make sense during a reading, but once the sitter has left, sometimes days or weeks later, it does make sense.  There are also times when the messages aren’t FOR you, but for you to give to others and often this comes to light after the session!  For this reason, I suggest writing down as much information as you can from a reading so you can get the most out of it.  Audio recordings are certainly permitted and encouraged.


Tarot –

Tarot readings are a two-way communication between you and me.  I do not involve spirit at all (unless they are insistent they want to be heard!) and I prefer to do specific readings geared towards specific areas of your life in question.  

I am not a doctor so will not under any circumstance give medical advice.  I will explain what I see and it is ultimately up to you to determine what it might mean for you. 

The shorter the time frame for a tarot reading – the more accurate the reflection of the situation in the cards.  If you ask about something 5 years in the future, many things can and will change in that span of time, because of the decisions you and others will make along the way.  It is much more desirable to look at a three- or six-month time frame since the energies are already in motion to bring those things into your life (or out of, as the case may be) and this is more realistic and will provide more useful insight and a better experience for you.  


If you have any questions about what to expect, or what to do prior to a reading – please email or call me!  I’d love to hear from you and answer any of those questions!

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