Jen Queen-
   Psychic Medium 

Jen  Queen
     -Psychic Medium

Jenn's readings have been spot on. She has also described family members that have passed on and are still living. She has never met them and I was amazed at what she told me. Spirits, angels and good energy are truly with this woman. May God continue to bless her.

- Carmela T.

OMG - I am in tears - but I have not cried happy tears in almost a year.  ..... Thank you so much for writing me back.  You hit the nail on the head with my questions.                  
 -Terry R.

From the first time I spoke with Jen, she put me at total ease. She was able to tap into the spirit of a very dearly missed family member right away. Her readings were so accurate, I was floored! She said specific things that no one else could possibly know. She's the real deal!

- Amanda S

On March 9, 2012, I found my son dead.   That was the beginning of my journey to Hell.  For months I struggled with the loss of my baby (he was 21) and died accidently.  They say that the holidays are the hardest but they are wrong.  Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed.  A few weeks before Christmas ,  I was watching this show call “Long Island Medium”  I had always believed that certain people were blessed with the ability to talk to spirits.  After watching the show, I would go on my back deck and talk to my son.  I would say “Son you have to make contact with that lady so I can find out if you made it to heaven.”  I prayed and prayed that he would be able to do it.  After a few weeks, I figured I was pleading for nothing.  After Christmas came and went, I was just about ready to throw in the towel.  I just didn’t want to wake up in the emotional pain that I had been going through. 

Then on February 4, 2013 I received a letter in the mail.  It was from Jennifer Queen.   My son couldn’t contact the Long Island Medium, but he found a way.  I had no idea who she was, but her letter changed my life.  One of my son’s friend’s mother is friends with Jenn.  They were talking and Jenn said that a spirit had been really pestering her.  My son’s friend’s mother said it might be her son’s friend that died.  When she told Jenn his name, Jenn said he just came bursting out saying “you have to talk to my mamma, you have to talk to my mamma”.  She wrote me the letter and she knew so much.  She knew what had killed my son, she described me to a tee.

I wrote her an email thanking her and I ask two questions.  One was “Ask my son what I have hanging on my wall in my office and what do we call his new niece.  This is what she emailed me back. 

“Again, this may mean nothing – but I see the letters M-A flashing and I got the impression of Saturday Night Live skit where they called Barbara Walters Baba Wawa… remember that? Is there someone close to him with a repeating name... like Lala, Bebe, etc.?? Also – he continues to show himself to me in a hat and coat, the hat was dark, blue or black and so was the coat that went with it. I get Timberlake boots too - meaning that kind of boot.  I don’t know what all that has to do with your questions, but I’ll meditate and see if he can give me specific answers to your questions!”

She didn’t know it, but he had already given her the answers!  The repeating name is mama – that’s what we call his niece.  I have his brown (not the right color but close enough) hat hanging on the wall in my office and the brown coat in my closet at home.  As for the boots, I looked up Timberlake boots and those are the boots my son was buried in. 

This has brought me such a peace.  Granted, I still miss my son and always will, but I know he is ok and I will see him again.  There were many times I thought I could feel him with and little things going on at the house, like the wand on the blind moving for no reason.  I never told Jenn about that but when I had the reading, I ask Jenn to ask my son about the blind.  She told me he was shaking his head yes and was laughing.  Now I feel him more and more.  I know he is with me whenever I need him.  He continues to give Jenn information about what is happening in my life – as simple as moving something of his like a picture, or if I get a haircut – he mentions those things to Jenn and she tells me the next time we talk!  He lets me know he’s still very much involved in our lives.

I will continue to meet with Jenn because she is the only link I have with my son.  I am so deeply appreciative of her for being there for me.  She has (through my son) given me the strength to continue to live my life as best I can until I see my son again.

- Teresa T

Jen, thank you for this wonderful experience with my Dad. I was in tears because I miss him so much. I am glad to know he is happy and watching over me. I will always love him.


After seeking out various psychic and mediums, and getting numerous readings over many years, I feel I can recognize a genuine medium. My Mother was psychic, so my exposure to this phenomenon started at a very young age. Additionally, I once received a reading from a famous psychic-channeler and although his style was different, the reading did not compare to the one I recently had with Jen Queen. She is definitely an authentic and gifted medium. Before the reading, I took her advice and prepared by asking my mother to come through. However, I kept myself open to whatever transpired. The first person she brought through was my Mother. There was not a doubt in my mind that it was she. The speech, sentence structure, facts, and mannerisms were right on the mark. Through Jen, my mother, in no uncertain terms, told me to get my act together. Generally, in a mediumship reading messages are given that validate who is sending them and there are often expressions of love once it is established who has coming through, but this message was not light and fluffy. It was serious business and shook me to the core. Much of the messages were things I would only accept from my mother. They were things I needed to hear and I know they were said with love. Frankly, I was so stunned at the depth of the information that I forgot to ask questions. I appreciated that Jen was very warm and kind while delivering this very intense message. Thanks Jen. Looking forward the next one!

                                                                                                                                                    -Linda, Rochester, NY

Headed into this experience, I was a believer however my 17 year old daughter whom the reading was for was a skeptic. Jen was gentle and firm with her reading and provided for me some closure and confirmation and for my daughter she provided some specific information that there is just no way she would have known had she not been speaking with my daughters friend. Jen was very sweet taking my phone calls and answering questions even following the reading. Jen shocked me telling me there was someone present for me who really wanted to give me a message from my paternal grandmother. When I shared this message with my father (a non believer) he was absolutely stunned. The message Jen gave to me was identical to a conversation that my father had shared with his mother approximately 3 months before her death. No one was privy to this information. Jen knows what she is doing, her kindness and empathy made this experience while emotional easier. I would recommend to EVERYONE and quite frankly have recommended her. Words cannot express Jen how you have changed my life and are transforming my daughters life as I type this. Thank you Jen from the bottom of our hearts.

- Carrie F.

Thank you so much for yesterday . I feel much better. You are 100 percent right. Your reading is accurate and I am so lucky to know you. I will get help from you again future . You are everyone's angel!, and I have bragged about you where ever I have chance. You will be big if you want.

Thank you.

                                                                                                           -Tomoko from FL

I can honestly tell you that Jenn has saved my life. I lost my 17 yr old son in June 2013 and contacting her again was my son's idea.  He had already contacted her to let her know I'd be calling! I knew Jenn in high school and she is a very sweet person. Her heart is in this. Don't suffer alone. Jenn can help! I will continue to follow Jenn's messages from Cole. Through her I have come to accept his passing and am opening a center for teens.

Everything she said was dead on and she even contacted a few of his friends that were having a really hard time dealing with his loss.You are truly a Gift.... From our family to you Jenn....Much Love and Thanks. <3

2/8/2014- Although I have always had my doubts about the validity of mediums the possibility of being able to have contact with several loved ones overwhelmed me to the point that I started searching to get a reading. After attending several group sessions with no luck I became convinced it was a hopeless venture. A few months after I gave up trying a family member told me about an encounter with Jen. The things he told me made me think "either this chicks legit or she's done some extensive homework." I got setup for a skype session with Jen and an hour before our session she sent me a text message to confirm our time, get my skype name, and to tell me to think of anyone I wanted to hear from. After I replied. She responded telling me that someone had come to her the night before & she described them & a few other things that took any doubt I ever had away. During our skype session she revealed secrets to me that I thought died with my loved one. In one hour she took 6 years of boulders off my shoulders. I swear the air I breathed became lighter after our session. I can't wait for the next as I have more loved ones than one session could handle!!!! I never write reviews or things of that nature, but if you are hurting over a loss of a loved one Jen is definitely the truth & her fee is WELL WORTH it!!!!!
 - Nichole

3/24/2014 - I had never had a medium reading before, Jen, and the feeling you get from talking with her is indescribable. She helped me connect with my sister who passed away suddenly last year and the things she told me were things only her and I shared. I was also able to connect with my Grandma and the baby I miscarried years ago. I was left with a feeling of peace knowing my loved ones are still with me, watching over me, and still living, just in a different way then before. I look forward to many more sessions with her in the future. Thank you, Jen, with all of my heart.

                                                                                                                                 - Melissa F.

3 /13/2014 - I can not thank you enough. My heart feels so much lighter. I feel a sense of peace that I have never felt before. Thank you sooo much!!!   I am absolutely still smiling, and slept better than I have in years.  I'm still speechless over the entire experience! I feel as though you've given me my life back.   The comfort you have given me is certainly worth a million!! 


3/27/2014- I had an hour phone reading with Jen and it was such an amazing experience!! Three people came through for me and she described their personalities exactly! She told me so many things from all of them that only they could have known. My daughter passed almost 5 months ago and this has given me some much needed peace!! My brother passed 3 years ago and he gave me a message to give to my mom and it was the answer to what she has been worried about all this time. such specific information that she could only get from them! I will be staying in contact with Jen so i can talk to them again. What a blessing to have found her!!! Thanks Jen, you are a beautiful soul!!!

3/30/2014- I met Jen one on one for an hour, and her reading definitely gave me some answers that I have been looking for since the passing of my loved one. Some of the things she brought up even amazed her at the end when I confirmed some things. She is one amazing woman.

                                                                                                                      - Heather

7/3/14- I have had one reading (mediumship) with Jen. Doing a Skype session for the first time was great, made it all very personal. I have had a few readings previously and always ended up wondering if I may have offered too much information or if the medium was putting out a good guess on a few things. I can honestly say I didn't feel that way about Jen's reading. It was so obvious that she is incredibly gifted. Several times I was just stunned at her extreme accuracy. She made it seem so easy too. I don't understand why some people are given this ability and not others - but I am so certain that Jen has it. She comes across as kind, caring and very genuine. I liked her right away. I am looking forward to next time and referring my interested friends to her. What a wonderful experience!

7/10/14- I read with Jen for the first time. It was the first time I ever asked for a mediumship reading. I was stunned and surprised at the detail she provided confirming a certain individual coming in (one whom I have never met, but knew the history), and it fit exactly what was going on in my current life and the message resonated so strongly that I knew this was the right person. I then asked about a particular Aunt, and she described her personality with precise detail, said a name for validation that it was her, and knew exactly how she passed. She wanted no information from me, and these people just came in. I have always believed that there are angels among us and our loved ones are still looking out for us, even ones that we really never knew but knew of, and Jen validated that for me. I will definitely be calling Jen again..


7/27/14- Jen is authentic both as a psychic/medium and a person. My reading was not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Jen is a straight talker with a an enormous caring soul. Even though my reading was not what I wanted to hear, Jen spoke with true compassion and empathy. She is an amazing person.


8/12/14- No words can truly express the feelings I had during my reading with Jen. She has a true and wonderful gift!!! I met with her 3 weeks after my brother took his life and never expected to find comfort so soon and was completely skeptical but open to being wrong and boy was I wrong!!! I even hid a book that was very important to my brother so she couldn't get a hint of anything and she brought up the book and even what it was!!! Only 1 person other than me knew I had that..... Thanks to Jen!!! I can't wait to meet with her again!!!!


1/6/15- I just completed a reading with Jen. It was wonderful. Jen referenced traits of my adorable wife in the spirit dimension with such stunning accuracy of detail that I felt I was in the room with my wife again as I felt precisely all the authentic feelings that she (my wife) had always activated in me. My wife's awesome and unique sense of humor is inimitable and was unmistakable in Jen's reading. I feel so good having had this authentic connection from my wife thanks to this gifted medium--Jen Queen. My wife and Jen have in common a very serious scientific outlook. They would have been good friends on earth when my wife was on the earthly dimension. Interestingly I contacted Jen because I believed I had received a message from my wife asking me to make an appointment with Jen. I believe my wife knew I should call Jen for a very rewarding authentic connection since my wife herself must have felt a rapport with Jen even before the reading. At the beginning of the reading, Jen also noticed someone else coming through to talk to me---a former dear friend and colleague of mine at work from years ago. I was so happy to learn that this friend--whose name Jen got right--did indeed receive a very important letter I had sent him just before he transitioned to the beautiful dimension himself. My friend's name is Jim, and at first Jen thought she is not hearing correctly since my name is also Jim. But Jen has his name correct right from the start. I have had readings with other excellent mediums. What is remarkable is how much they all agree on what they say is happening with my wife and friends and relatives in the spirit dimension. These mediums do not know one another, nor have they spoken to one other about me or their readings with me. So I find it to be further impressive confirmation of Jen's authenticity that her messages were in complete accord with each of the former mediums I had readings with. Thank you so much, Jen. I am also sure that my wife thanks you and my dear friend thanks you, too. I am very much l looking forward to the next reading later on. 

-Jim D.

2/22/15-  Jen, I have been thinking about sending you an email since the day I left your house. Words alone cannot explain to you how I felt when I left after the session. I was very emotional with the medium aspect of my visit. I plan on visiting again.  Thank you very much for the accommodation and the reading. I love my father very much, he was my hero but he left before I was able to do anything for him. He is always in my heart. I think about him every day. I was glad to know he approves of everything that I am doing. It was worth the drive.
Thank you.
                                                                                           -A. P., West Virginia

3/14/15 - 

Thank you Jen. You have no idea how much you helped me today. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my soul. You have an amazing gift.



Jen, Thank you so much. You brought so much clarity to my questions and I feel very refreshed and ready for what lies ahead!



Jen - Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. I am so thankful to have connected with some very, very special people who have been important in my life and are no longer with us in the physical world. Thank you!


6/1/15-  Jen,

I want to thank you for the reading on Friday.  You confirmed a lot of my suspicions.  I may have not reacted to what you were telling me (and may have even seemed cold and detached) but rest assured you spoke volumes to me.  I came in with an open mind and doing it for fun and left feeling more confident and certain of my immediate path forward.

I suspect you'll have a lot of appointments from my friends in the near future. You were phenomenal.


8/7/15- Jen, Sorry I bamboozled you out of your address. I'm old fashioned. I always pen my "thank you" cards. I had to do it. You did too much for us not to make it official. Thank you for helping me over the pone while you were on your vacation. thank you for all the spiritual aide you provided from afar. Thank you for being willing to detour to our house to help us. thank you for showing concern for Mr. K's safety. Thank you for the sweet grass and the offer of continued help. Thank you for the cleansing and for your friendship. Thank you for being so gracious and kind, thoughtful and compassionate. I would say your worth your weight in gold, but that would be selling you short and I don't want to do that to you. We are forever indebted to you. As I said, I consider it the same as saving my husband's life. I'm sorry we couldn't offer you more monetarily at this time. You deserved more. I can't put a price on Jason's life, but it's more than you were paid. We owe you, big time. If you ever find yourselves in the C****** area, and you want to visit a redneck hillbilly town inhabited by evil ghosts, look us up! You are always welcome into our home. We'll buy you a nice meal. I firmly believe there are no such things as coincidences and people come into our lives at the moment we need them when spirit sends them. Somebody is definitely looking out for me to send you into our lives. You have our deepest gratitude.
-Jason and Rachel

8/31/2015- Hi Jen, I talked to you today. I had a girl come through who I didn't really know I believe her to be Autumn P and have since contacted her family. I want to thank you for my reading. I never have felt so at peace with my grand-fathers passing until today. I will definitely be back in a few months.


04/18/2016 -  I want to thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift
Before going to see you for the first session I already told you that for unknown reason I knew that you could help me going through this tough time, loss of the love one.
And you did, but the second session which was 2 months later was even better, one of the things you said was that my love one was trying to connect with me and she did.
One morning I sat in the living room by myself, I called out her name and asked if she is here and the TV flipped on & off by itself, right in front of my eyes.
I feel so much better to know that she is still around me with your gifted help
Thanks again and I will come to you for another session in the near future. 
-Thinh P.

8/6/17- Hi Jen, I hope you are doing well. 

Just wanted to tell you how accurate you are! Amazing!

You told me the last time we talked I wold be receiving an email or message from him, and when it would happen. Well, it was the day predicted. The reason I know that was because I marked my calendar. It had been 5 months of no contact and it is getting better. I am stronger every day.

I know you will be right with all the other predictions. Can't wait to tell you when that time comes. 


8/9/17 -  
I really wasn't sure what to expect the first time I met Jen. Literally from the moment she opened the door she " Wowed" me!!! She said " you're 5 minutes late and he has been hanging around since yesterday waiting for you to arrive!"  You see I had been struggling with the sudden death of my BEST friend. Timeliness was next to Godliness for him - so being late would have been an issue for him!! She immediately tapped into his energy and was able to share things that ONLY he would know I understood. Even Jen was unaware how her choice of words were directed by him... Things like "timepiece", "shhhh", " Max is a girl not a guy"," the railroad sign" even her house number was significant as it was the alarm code to his home!The way she described him " a contemporary man with an effeminate personality"; " someone who had an illness his entire life ", " he was bullied";" and "words meant a lot to him".... What she didn't know was he was a gay man who was bullied as a youth and who left a manuscript of his story as a teenager adolescent! The gift Jen posses is authentic and genuine! She was able to give me peace in a way I had never anticipated.

You also talked about the time-piece and pointed to the watch, and that was referencing the family clock that his parents had restored for him. That we very significant.

Jen surprised me in a follow up reading when she told me not only was my BEST friend there but my paternal grandfather whose life was cut short at a young age. You see my father's father died when he was in his early 60's literally days after he had his leg amputated ( cut off)! She even wrote the letter of his first name down. When I asked her what she was writing she said he said it was his name but Jen said that's not right.... His name didn't start with a "T". What she didn't know was his nickname started with a "T". 

All these things to prove to me that Jen was indeed channeling the energy of the people who I knew and who I needed to hear from.Her gift of mediumship is real and authentic!!!  I am eternally thankful for meeting Jen. She has given me a sense of peace and calmness knowing my loved ones are okay and floating like butterflies  in a  field of flowers!


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