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I'm back!

Posted on September 9, 2017 at 10:40 AM


Hello Everyone!


It's been a long time since I've written, and there has been a lot personally that has been happening, but not professionally. I'm now getting back to work on a regular basis and it's time to update everyone!


About two years ago, in September of 2015, I started having seizures. I had not had seizures ever in my life to that point, and it came as a shock. My license was taken for a year, until I went 6 months without having a seizure. Not only did I start having seizure issues, but I began having more and more problems with my prosthetic hip. I was being hospitalized from time to time because of one or the other throughout 2015. Then I began having severe stomach pains, ultimately, after 3 hospitalization and an exploratory surgery, I had to go to Hershey Medical Center because they still couldn't find the cause. Turns out it was my gall bladder and once it was removed - THAT issue at least subsided. Still having issues with hip, a shoulder as well (I need to have another shoulder replacement when I 'can't handle the pain anymore' per the doctor) It was discovered that I was having heart issues. I had something called sick sinus rhythm. A pacemaker was put in in January to resolve that issue. It's safe to say it's been one thing after another - including a fractured femur in May that put me in the hospital for a week and rehab for two weeks.


I am happy to report that after all of that, over the last two months I've been doing better and better. I've begun doing readings again on a regular basis and have kept reschedules to a minimum. Things are absolutely looking up!


Spiritually, I've been hoping and praying to get back into the swing of things and am finally able to do just that. It's easy when things aren't going well to forget our spiritual practices and just kind of let time pass, but I'm thankful that now that I'm in a period of revival and rejuvenation, I can see how much spirit has helped and guided me through the worst of times. It's always comforting to know that I'm surrounded by those I love and care about. They help and guide in the most subtle of ways. We can all feel them, if we slow down enough. Our senses are constantly assaulted though - we have music, tv, cars, phones, etc. constantly drowning out the quiet. Spirit lives in that quiet space we need to pay attention to in order to connect with them. I could connect with spirit in a concert - but it would be a lot more difficult! Likewise, when we are constantly on our phones, we aren't paying attention to spirit and what they have to share with us... which I guarantee is infinitely more important than whatever is on that phone. I say this as much for myself as anyone else. I feel so much better, more grounded, HEALTHIER, when I spend 10 minutes a day in meditation. Just sitting quietly - letting thoughts come with no direction on my part. We should all try it. Our spiritual well-being is 1/3 of who we are, and yet it is the least attended to. Most of us feed our bodies and minds.... but neglect our spirit.


Well, that brings everyone up to date and gets me back on track. It's important to me. In the blink of an eye I realized it's been years since I've written something on my website. It seemed like it had been months! Time really does fly and the older we get, the faster it seems to go. I think we just begin to realize how very precious time is. I was never more aware of that than during my last visit to my parents a few weeks ago. My father will be 80 on his next birthday and I can no longer say they are "middle aged!" I'm thankful to still have both my parents and I'm so thankful for every day that I get to talk to them and be with them. Many people can no longer say the same, and my heart goes out to them. Every day is a gift with those we love. At least for today, I won't take it for granted!! I try and remind myself of this everyday, but I sometimes fall short as we all do from time to time.


Lastly, I want to thank everyone for keeping up with me, asking about me, writing me. I so appreciate the well-wishes and contact. As always, I'm sending love and light to you all!!!


As I write this, hurricane Irma is getting ready to bear down on the southern states here in the US. Please be safe everyone!! And to those just effected by hurricane Harvey in TX my prayers are with you all.




Some of Cindy's updates

Posted on August 6, 2017 at 2:25 PM

I'm moving some of my previous updates on Jen's health here from the Rates & Scheduling page:

5/27/17 - Update. It never seems to fail. Jen was just starting to get back on track and then she's waylaid by something else. She's back in the hospital, and has been since the day after I last updated. It's another unexpected complication -infection. We're not sure how this will play out, so again, she's not working at the moment, and I'll update as we have an indication what direction this will take her and how long it will sidetrack her. Cindy


5/23/17 - Update. Jen had another heart episode just a few weeks after my last update. She was hospitalized, and a pace-maker was installed to keep her heart regular. Jen's immune system was a tad overloaded with all this, and shortly after returning home from surgery, she got a rather severe respiratory infection. Finally all of this has settled down, and just this week, they have gotten around to doing the orthopedic testing. We know surgery will be involved, we just don't have specifics yet. We do know the surgery will be rather involved, so recovery time will be on par with a full hip replacement. Once she recovers from this surgery, we are hoping her ailments will be in the past and she'll be able to return to work in a more full time manner. Until then, she'll be doing a few readings if she can (working from her waiting list), but she won't be tackling a full schedule. -Cindy


1/18/17 - Update. The cardiac surgeon chose not to do the emergency surgery back in October. Instead they chose to do further testing, inclusive of wearing a heart monitor for a month. Long story short, they haven't finished testing and two days ago, the same heart issue has hospitalized her. She will be getting a pacemaker later today. She has not yet gotten the orthopedic issues taken care of, as the heart issue has taken precedent. Once again, we aren't sure how this will affect her return to work. We are grateful for your prayers, patience, and good wishes. -Cindy


10/24/16- Update. Jen has been ill for the past few weeks. She was in the hospital for a bit and they sent her home claiming it was nothing major. She did not get better, and as of yesterday complications set in. They will be doing emergency surgery today to try and deal with the life threatening issue. She was originally supposed to see the orthopedic surgeon today to get her surgery date, and obviously that now has been postponed. We are not sure what these developments will do to her ability to return to work at this time. Thank you all for your prayers, understanding and support! -Cindy


10/7/16- Cindy here. The doctors have determined they will be doing another surgery. We are continuing to add to her wait list for those interested in a reading, but we still don't know a specific time frame for when she'll return to work, it will depend on how quickly they can get her in to do surgery, and how long her recovery will be. Email us or use the Contact Us form to be added to the wait list. Once all of her wait-list clients are scheduled when she returns to work, we will open up her scheduling calendar once again for your convenience in scheduling. We wish to thank you all for your patience, well wishes, and flexibility through all of this!

Yes, I'm a slacker :)

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Labor Day has passed and I realized it's been since March since I've written.

Many significant things have happened in the last few months.  First, I've moved back in April to my home town of York, PA and plan to remain here for many years to come!  (REALLY tired of moving!) The reason for the move is unfortunately divorce, but everything is always for the highest good for all and this situation is no different.  We are ALWAYS led where we are supposed to go, if we listen.

My mediumship has picked up even more significantly since my last entry in March and I am having trouble keeping up with the requests and appointments!  Organization has never been my strong suit so I've asked my sister Cindy to help me with that (she's the best with organization) and so we'll see if I can't improve on this in the coming months. 

I have begun a research project called Voices Across the Veil which is to try to prove the existence of the afterlife.  I am very excited about this and will hopefully have some videos to show on my own website concerning the project!  It's been amazing and we've added a tab on the site regarding the project... I hope you check it out!  I am very proud of the work they are doing!  Kudos to Dennis Grega, PhD and Michelle Szabo, RMT for their work on this.  I love them!  They both have such wonderful energy! 

Lastly, I will be having yet another hip replacement surgery in two weeks.  I will not be taking appointments from September 15th through mid-late October until I am well enough to do readings.  If it's any sooner than that, I will surely post as such, but this one is a fairly involved and serious surgery as I've had repeated attempts to fix this particular hip.

Hope you all have a terrific September and October and see you around Thanksgiving!!



And... ACTION!!

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 1:55 PM

Hello Everyone -

Well, first - Happy St. Paddy's Day!!  I hope everyone has a safe holiday!! 

Lots of wonderful things happening with my work.  I am going to be on the Meredith Allan Show in Columbia, on WIS-TV (NBC) on Thursday of this week.  Since it's a local talk show, I'll post a link to the show so others can see it once it airs!  Very exciting introduction to the Columbia, SC community!!  I've had a very welcoming experience here in general already, but this is icing on the cake for me.

Secondly, I, for the first time, have a fairly significant waiting list.  This means that I'm finally rolling and headed where I'm supposed to.  I know that the universe opens its doors when we are ready to go and do and experience more.  It's that time.  It's been wonderful.   For the last few years, I've been working on my mediumship, giving readings routinely and has been is a full-time endeavor.  I have no shame or hesitation whatsoever anymore.  Every reading still makes me nervous because I always want it to be the best it can possibly be for the sitter.  Getting names, places, dates, you name it, is a part of that expansion of my ability.  I'm more comfortable in front of groups and it's time to take the next steps!  I thank my support system, my family, for supporting and believing in me. 

I will begin to post some (with the permission of the person being read) parts of my readings with clients so that others will understand what a reading with me is like.  While I do tarot occasionally, the psychic channels have opened up and I rarely am asked to do tarot anymore.  I rely on the information I obtain while talking on the phone and maintaining a link with spirit's energy.  Mediumship is truly where my heart lies... it's what helps people the most.  People who are grieving need some hope and healing and my ability was given to me for this purpose - to help others.

Joan of Arc said "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."  I understand now how the woman felt, minus leading a whole country to victory ha!!  I WAS afraid to tell others (even my husband prior to our marriage) but am inspired to be open about it no matter the backlash or skepticism.  I realize this is my purpose ... and we all have one :)  Here are some of the new things happening in my life!  Love to you all!!!  XOXO  Jen

Traveling to see Heidi Krout (and others:))  - Bailey, our new puppy!!!  (Thunder is thrilled - NOT) -  and me on Meredith's set!  

Love and Light!!


Happy February!

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Happy February 5th Everyone!

I'm happy to report that since my last entry I've had two hip surgeries but that I'm well-recovered now and walking as well as I've been able to walk in several years!  This has allowed me to be more active and pick up the pace with normal day-to-day living thank goodness.  Two teens, a husband, a dog, and psychic readings keep me plenty busy! I've been able to do many readings in my home state of Pennsylvania and was back in NY a few weeks ago.  I miss NY terribly, but always consider PA my home.  I have many friends there and would love to settle for good there at some point.  Time will tell. 

Spiritually, I still practice my daily routine of visualization, meditation and positive affirmations.  What is it I want from life?  I've been on this kick, and posted today on Facebook, that we should take at least 10 minutes to do something that is life-affirming today... something that makes today special and unique.  We cannot change the past, or what has happened - but we can change our future by starting today.  Today is the ONLY thing that really matters.  It's all we truly have.  I have never read Eckhard Tolle's "The Power of Now" but I can tell you from the title that it's true.  Our true power is not living in the past, nor tomorrow, but living for right now.  Our memories are great and our future wishes are wonderful, but if we are not enjoying this moment, right now, we're missing out on what life is about.  Sure, we stumble.  We lose loved ones and it hurts.  That's when I'm most grateful.  Sometimes, when things are going well it's easy to forget about gratitude... simply floating along. 

Today I'm thankful that I can connect with spirit.  Everyday I thank the universe and my creator for my ability and I pray that more people will embrace their own spiritual paths.  It's truly a connection not only to the divine, but living fully.  I'm also reminded that we cannot change others.  No matter how much we might think we can help others - unless they are willing to help themselves - we have nothing but an example to set for them but must always take care of ourselves. 

Much love to all... thank everyone who has kept up with me during my painful recovery process.  I believe that prayer is what has helped me improve so much.  We are all interconnected :)

Love and Light!!!

I've been remiss!

Posted on September 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Hello all!

We've had so much going on this summer that I hadn't even realized it's been three long months since I posted my last entry!

I am very happy to report that we have moved to Columbia, SC just two weeks ago, where my husband was offered a wonderful new job opportunity.  The whole family is adjusting to the move and getting back to normal. 

I've also had amazing experiences since my last entry.  I went to Lilydale, NY for a week-long class on advanced mediumship with Janet Nohavec (a former Catholic nun!) who is world-renowned in the mediumship arena.  She was AMAZING and I found that I really hit my stride there.   Any remaining hesitations I had about my abilities have dissipated.  If anything, my abilities are gaining strength and more and more is being shown to me as I read for people and I'm in constant amazement.  It is a wonderful thing to help heal so many that are hurting after the passing of a loved one, or to offer a sense of hope for someone who feels a bit lost.  It also helped me to gauge where I stack up against other mediums... I mean, it's not as if there is a standardized test for mediums!  I found that I'm extremely happy and had an incredible boost in my confidence after meeting mediums who have been in practice (some for many years!) who, I'm sorry to report, would not instill a belief in mediumship had I received readings from them!  There were others, however, many who lived in Lilydale (home of the spiritualists - or "mediums") who absolutely are incredibly gifted and I aspire to be able to do what they do!  Next stop for me will be Arthur Findlay College in England.  The Holy Grail of mediumship development.  What a fantastic experience and I met so many gifted and wonderful people!  I must say, I still struggle with information that cannot be verified on the spot by the sitter during a reading.  I must get over that because I do realize that the error is with me - spirit always communicates clearly - but I don't always know what they are referring to.  I have countless people call me at a later time to say they were able to figure out the information we discussed, but that still frustrates me that readings are not always 100%!  Being a perfectionist isn't the best attribute for a medium as it can block the flow of information.  90-95% is still an "A" I must remind myself!  There are no mediums, no matter how good, that get 100% of the information correct, 100% of the time!!  There are also people who ARE more difficult to read and can sabotage their own reading!  I'm learning to live with doing my very best in every reading, no matter what and leaving the rest with God.  (But I still like to be right ... haha)

Let's see... what else is happening?  Well, I will be having yet another hip surgery as my current hip (have already had 6 surgeries on the left hip) continues to dislocate, it's unstable.  So - I have surgery scheduled for September 30th.  I'm not looking forward to that, but can't have an unstable hip either.  It interferes with my life and my mobility and I'm ready to get out and begin to push myself professionally.  I intend to start doing larger and larger groups going into next year as my health will allow and continue to do phone, Skype and in-person readings.  I'm very happy with how news has spread and more and more people somehow find their way to me through spirit's encouragement.  I realize at all times that Spirit and THE spirits really do know what they are doing! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer! I promise to do a better job of posting AT LEAST once a month :)

Much love to all!

God bless and Namaste


It's summertime!

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 12:35 AM

Hello All!

Summer is finally upon us here in upstate NY.  It's about time!  I've had some really exciting readings and interactions over the last month.  I had my first psychic fair - for Circle, Inc. in Brighton and it was wonderful!  I met so many nice people and I guess I dispelled any of my own questions about whether spirit would be able to come through in a noisy, busy environment!  Spirit came through - and gave beautiful messages and evidence of their existence even after their passing.  I'm not sure why I'm always amazed, but I am!  I can only describe my feelings as awed appreciation!

I also had an interesting group event recently that I wanted to share with you.  I surely didn't want to disseminate all the very personal information I was getting in front of the others in the group for one particular member, so I remained what I considered to be very vague, but tried to give enough information so this person would know who was attempting to tell their story.   She got up and left the group, so I thought I'd offended her, or that she just didn't believe in what I did.  I found out much later that neither was the case.  I should always trust spirit.  Spirit gave me enough information that the guest absolutely knew who it was and what I was referring to - and my 'vagueness' was very much appreciated and she now wants a private reading.  Just incredible.  Spirit has never steered me wrong - I suppose I should just start trusting them!!  Thank goodness they are all patient with me!  Ha!

I also pulled a 'Long Island Medium' last week... which I NEVER do!  I was checking out of a store and there was the clerk's grandfather, insisting I say something to his grandson.  I'll be darned, my nervousness was the only thing preventing me from blurting it out right away, but once I finally did - the clerk was so excited and couldn't wait to go home and tell his relatives.  It made me feel great to be able to deliver 'kudos' from his grandfather who watches over him and is very proud.

Well...I hope everyone is enjoying their start to summer.  We certainly hope to visit family and friends soon and I have a mediumship class that I've signed up to take in Lily Dale (the home of mediums!!) by Janet Nahouvec.  I've heard that when a medium works with Janet - wonderful things happen in terms of increasing ability and growth as a medium.  I cannot wait!  Will keep you all posted! 

Life is pretty wonderful, isn't it??  Much love and always light!!!!


Hello Again!

Posted on May 2, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Well, it's been awhile since my last posting... very new to this 'blogging' thing, as you can probably tell! 

It's been a great month for me professionally in the quality of meetings I've had with clients.  It brings so much peace I can no longer imagine doing anything else with my time.  It's interesting the questions I receive now about being a "medium" or having "psychic abilities."  Many people assume that because someone is sensitive to psychic energy or spirit that they have all the answers to everything.  If that was the case - every psychic would be wealthy beyond belief in all likelihood.  There are reasons why answers are not always readily available and reasons why some of the people we want to talk to the most don't always show up in a reading.  I wish they did, but they don't. 

Quite often, especially when someone close to us has passed within the last few years, they are just as anxious to say hello and let us know they are doing well and are still with us - just from the other side.  Many times they are funny about it as well.  I've found that personalities are often WELL preserved!  If someone was funny in life - they are often just as funny in death!  I'm certain much of that is so we can recognize them when they come 'through' in a session, but also their very essence survives death.  One thing that always amazes me when it happens is someone who, in life, maybe wasn't the nicest.  Often, in death, they are not only sorry - but their 'true' essence is contradictory to what the sitter remembers as the person's behavior in life.  For example, a mean drunken father might come through and be apologetic, but also feel very insecure, unassuming and even mild.  Take the physical crutch away and the true spirit of the person is revealed.  Amazing healing can happen and I love being witness to it!


Our intent when we come to a session is of utmost importance.  If it's to enhance your life, understand your situation a little better and aspire to do better - to BE better - then you'll have the best reading possible!  Fear, anger, desperation... any negative emotion will produce potentially unsatisfactory results insofar as a reading is concerned.  Being open to the contact, however it may unfold, is the best way to approach a reading and encourage a wonderful, healing experience.  Spirit has it's own agenda and sometimes if we are too desperate to talk to someone or there is more to learn by us 'going it alone' through a situation, then spirit may choose not to attend a session.  I trust they know a bit more than we do, but those that have passed don't have all the answers to life's quandaries either!  From what they communicate to me, we are here to grow, experience, and most of all to LOVE one another! 

My final thought today is for all of us to wholeheartedly make an effort to love one another.  The people in your life may quarrel with you, they may let you down, or vice versa, but love them and recognize they are learning their own lessons just as you are.  Give yourself, and them, a break.  Life is not always easy - but it's up to us to do with it what we can!  A postive outlook and attitude can improve the quality of the time you spend 'here.' 


My first entry!

Posted on March 29, 2013 at 11:15 PM

Today I decided to announce to people I've known, some my entire life, that I'm a professional medium.  I have to admit, I was balking at doing this for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is potential negativity of any kind surrounding mediumship or its legitimacy.  No one likes criticism, and I'm very committed and passionate about what I do, which makes any criticism or ridicule that much harder for me to accept in this arena.  What I can tell you is that when I began to speak out loud about what I saw, heard, felt... and it could be validated... this fact alone has converted more than one naysayer into accepting the possibility that what I'm saying IS coming from something outside of our physical reality.  It's something I myself don't fully understand, but I do now accept.  The more I accept and am humbled, the more my ability seems to grow and become enhanced.  I will continue to work on it so that I can have the greatest capacity for healing possible, giving me the potential to help the most people in the most ways.

Talking about death is a delicate matter and  it can be life-changing for many to realize that their loved ones are still with them, still involved and have ways to communicate to them!  I'm constantly amazed that spirit is able to coordinate things the way they do.  They have guided people to me, put people and situations in my life that have changed the course of my life in drastic ways.   They have put the right people and circumstances in my path to teach and guide me, love and support me.  There are no accidents. 

I wanted this first blog entry to just talk about my hesitancy about being so public, but my determination to move forward anyway.  My feeling is that I was given this ability to help others, and if I'm not sharing it, then I'm not helping as many people as I can.  I'm wasting something that was given to me and that's just plain wrong.  Future entries will have some of the messages of healing and hope that I've been given, along with the funny stories and the trials of being a medium (and there ARE trials!)  There are so many questions people have about mediumship.  I'll try to answer them, try to share what I can with you all. 

Lastly - I must thank everyone who greeted my announcement with unbelievable warmth and sincerity!  My husband, Bryan, Andie and Alex have all embraced my abilities and really encouraged me to move foward - thank you guys for allowing me to grow in every way that's important!   Thanks are also due to my sister, Cindy, who has been ESSENTIAL in making this happen for me... she has always believed in me, encouraged me (and is my technical advisor!) and my friends (you know who you are guys!!) who have encouraged me and made me feel confident in my journey.  Also thanks to my parents, who probably would have never thought spirit communication was possible until their daughter proved to them - it's possible and very real.  Thank you Carol, for always standing beside me.  Enough sappy stuff.  As always, things are going 'according to plan!' 

Love and Light 



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